Tabernacle With Yeshua:

The School of the Prophets

Services and Fellowship with Tabernacle with Yeshua: Beginning August 2019, we will meet at our homes and rotate weekly or every 2 weeks, until further notice.

Erev Shabbat at "Tabernacle With Yeshua" :             We would love to have you visit with us for Erev Shabbat on scheduled Friday evenings. (see calendar page ).                                       We would love to have you join us for Shabbat Shacharit on scheduled Saturday mornings by phone conference call. Shacharit means morning light/morning prayers, scripture reading and worship. Or join us for Havadalah on scheduled Saturday evenings. Some Sundays will be scheduled for Midrash (fellowship) during 2019. See Calendar Page for schedules. Keep checking Calendar Page, your email, texts or call for updates or for cancellations due to inclement weather or emergencies beyond our control.              

Tabernacle With Yeshua,  text (719-203 9381)    email :                                                                                                         Director: Wendy Allen


Check for updates for changes for weekly schedules and new events