Tabernacle With Yeshua:

The School of the Prophets

Welcome to The Tabernacle Academy where you can learn and discover the Hebrew roots of your Christian faith. Online classes available soon. The Tabernacle Academy Class schedule is ongoing meaning one can enter classes etc at any time and be able to pick right up in the class or session. However, for discounts please register 2 weeks prior to start date of classes, seminars, conferences by clicking on Contact link and also click on the members link to leave your contact information in both places to receive information from us or to schedule phone interview/conference. Please click on Contact and on Members links and give your contact info. The fastest way to register and get response is online at this website Or leave voicemail. The Tabernacle Academy houses several schools of Ministry and Bible Studies:  A study of the Hebrew Roots of our Christian Faith   School of Worship  School of Worship Dance  School of the Prophets  Study of five fold Ministry (Ephesians) The Yeshua Project.  YOU MAY ALSO REGISTER OVER THE PHONE  719 355 0559 BY TEXTING YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFO OR EMAIL YOU WILL BE CONTACTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE .     WE ARE FULFILLING THE CALL TO TAKE THE GOSPEL TO ALL PEOPLE.   More information will be available shortly so please check back on this page and on this website.