Tabernacle With Yeshua:

The School of the Prophets

 What We Believe: We believe in God as Our Father, that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Israel and Judah. Besides Him there is no other God.  His Son Yeshua (Jesus) is Our Messiah and because of Yeshua, we are sons and daughters of the Most High God. Yeshua is not only our crucified and risen Messiah but he is Our Saviour, Our Deliverer and Our Healer. Yeshua is our only way to God Our Father. He is our entry and our return into the Presence and Power of God. We believe in the Whole Bible; Old Testament-New Testament or Torah-Tanakh-B'rit Hadashah as the Word of God. We also believe in having a complete comprehensive study and understanding of Israel, The Feasts Days, Shabbat (Sabbath) and Our Hebrew-Aramaic roots in and through Yeshua (Jesus). This enables us to be able to fully understand and appreciate Yeshua and to be spiritual minded, walk in the Spirit and not just be religious and yet carnal. Also, we study to gain discernment as to what Yeshua did for everyone on the whole earth.